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Chefs have been one of the prominent figures in the history of cooking around the globe. The success of Gordon Ramsey, an English chef led to the commissioning of a five- part television series, Boiling Point, by the UK’s channel 4, which followed the chef as he opened his first solo restaurant, Robuction, Alain Ducasse.

Here comes the Africa’s finest chef, Chef Rubia who has in recent times been a promising star with greater perfections as far as Africa and Caribbean recipes are concerned. He opens his heart to our food journalist Alfred Kesse, for Oodge Guide.

Chef Rubia, from Kenya, is really passionate and professional about food and it’s services. In this regards, his restaurant ,Charrd Grill restaurant (facebook page) at the 6th Parkland Avenue, Nairobi, the geographical origin, has gained much popularity in Kenya, Africa and as well as the world.

Kenya is mostly known as the country that loves red meat ‘’Nyama Choma’’ swahili for grilled meat. His restaurant is a modern, funky BBQ grill concept restaurant. Mostly an on-line delivery company with the objective of creating gourmet experience.

Chef Rubia has travelled extensively in his career and worked with major companies and individuals. He has been featured in quite a number of publications and has done several cooking shows with top media houses in Kenya, also as a special guest in several food related forums in several countries.

Rubia’s aspirations and dreams of becoming a chef was realized way back in high school when he was more passionate about culinary art and the hospitality industry.

Making his dreams and aspirations a reality , he offered culinary art at the best hospitality and culinary college for two years and six months exchange program at the Miami Culinary School in the United State of America (USA).

Rubz, as affectionately called revealed the personality behind his success was not anyone than the biological father, Peter Munyendo (Linkedin)who was also a renowned chef in Kenya. He added by emphasizing that he always enjoys home-made foods, mostly prepared by himself.

Currently, Rubz is working on new ideas of new menu items at his restaurant and running aggressive three months marketing campaign for brand products of which a collaboration on cookbooks were under way.

He asserted that his favourite recipe is ‘pilau rice’ (jollof rice). depending on the mood he occasionally takes boiled arrow roots of sweet potatoes with tea as his breakfast.

Also, he has been offering master cooking lessons and collaborates with some of the top schools in Kenya.

The Kenya based chef is optimistic of opening his second outlet for the restaurant and hopeful to collaborate much with different chefs worldwide and create awareness of his brands to meet his annual objectives.

In the next decade, Rubz is much determined of managing successful chain of restaurants and franchising the brand in different countries as well.

He then advised the upcoming generations that with the right passion, focused, consistency, discipline, more researches, and keeping an open mind, their goals in the industry would be achieved.

‘’I propose to develop African, Caribbean gastronomy, and believe our diverse African food culture has stories to tell and this can be used to elevate and create experiences with the unique ingredients we have in the continent’’, Chef Rubia pledged.

Restaurant: Charrd Grill Restaurant, 6th Parklands Avenue,Nairobi Kenya

Website :

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