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Bintou N’DAW is a Franco-Senegalese chef who has been living in the United States for several years. She tells us about her experience. An article by Alimatou KONE, our journalist, translated by Sabrina LASSEY for Oodge.

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A chef with multiple influences

Born to a Franco-Senegalese mother and a Senegalese father, Bintou was equally influenced by her two grandmothers. She is the granddaughter of two great cooks, one from Normandy (France) and the other from Senegal. They introduced her to French and African cuisine very early on, so much so that she developed a deep love for this profession.

After several certifications and diplomas in the culinary field, Bintou worked as a chef in various restaurants in New York. She wanted to prove that African women “chefs” have a lot of potential. She realized that women indeed were under-represented in the culinary field in this city, because no one took them seriously.

Besides, she wants to show that Afro-fusion has its place in the culinary world.

 “Africans must do their homework”

To develop African gastronomy, Africans must do their homework. Create businesses and use the 1000 resources offered by the authorities for small businesses to grow. They must create their own events, recipes and Awards. Reward and support each other through their social networks, for example. We have to be competitive, productive like in the fields of art and music. This is Bintou’s vision. And that’s good, it’s also Oodge’s.

An ambassador for organic products inspired by Senegalese tradition

“Nafi’s original product” is a family business born of Bintou N’daw’s mother (Nafissatou Camara) passion. Actually, Nafissatou began to cook from a young age; influenced by her mother (herself a great cook). She then fell in love with Senegal and Senegalese cuisine thanks to her paternal grandmother.

“Nafi’s original product” is specializing in the manufacture of products and sauces inspired by the Senegalese tradition. These products are vegetarian, without additives and above all 100% natural. Mother and daughter work together to elevate the flavors and culinary techniques of Senegal. As a matter of fact, Bintou proudly calls herself “Nafi’s daughter”.

She also wants to continue in the same momentum by manufacturing organic and healthy products, and plans to start a business to help small producers develop.

Furthermore, Bintou is working on a cookbook (or maybe a blog) that reflects the connection between Africa and the world. And this through history and cuisine.

 “Work hard for experience, not just money and fame”

Work hard for the experience, not just for the money and the fame. Being a chef involves paying bills. If you don’t have the money to pay for school, work as a volunteer in restaurants. It’s a free school. Being inside and helping out will give you experience because you can learn from everyone. You have to create your own dishes and flavors in order to discover your personality in the kitchen. Be patient and learn every lesson about taste and plating and arrangement. Quick tip: taste each dish three times, even if you don’t think you like it. These are Bintou’s advice for future chefs.

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