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Aged 35  and with 17 years of experience in the kitchen, our chef of the day is called Mutaro Baldé, from Guinea-Bissau. Mutaro is one of a handful of chefs who won the Michelin award in 2019. He is the head of several restaurants. Let’s discover Chef Mutaro together. An interview in french with Laurette ASSA, translated by Sabrina LASSEY for Oodge

Chef Mutaro Baldé used to live in Saint Louis (Senegal) from 6 to 12 years old. He was a “talibé” that is to say a student of a Koranic school. At Koranic school when comes time to eat, each student must take their plates and go to neighbors, sometimes unknown people, to collect food for lunch and dinner. So very early on, he experienced with people’s generosity and food sharing. It all contributed to his decision of  becoming a chef. For him, a cook is someone who is able to serve others. He became a chef after completing an internship at a cooking school in Paris which perpetuated his love for cooking.

To be the chef that he is today, Mutaro Baldé completed several training courses which enabled him to obtain the diplomas allowing him access to the very closed world of Parisian gastronomy. He holds an Youth training (NVQ Level 2) TRAITEUR, BTEC First, National and Higher national diploma in cooking, obtained within the CEPROC school, Center of Excellence for Culinary Professions, in Paris. Mutaro is the living proof that with willpower anything is possible.

At home, chef Mutaro Baldé does not hesitate to cook when his busy schedule allows. Curieuse of food of all origines, he doesn’t have any favorite recipe, he cooks everything.

Based in Hong Kong, Chef Mutaro is responsible for five restaurants,  from the 2 stars to the Michelin Guide rated. He also gives cooking classes on Instagram. Today, he is the Chef Executive of “Le Comptoir Group” in Hong Kong.

The chef has almost traveled the world with the aim of learning about cuisines worldwide.

Not very active on social media, that does not prevent him from having a Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn account.

Each chef own plans to develop their restaurants and chef Mutaro Baldé is no exception to the rules. The pandemic linked to covid-19 has slightly slowed down the chef in his project to carry the torch of African gastronomy high, and to stabilize and promote its restaurants but for him, we must always promote our African products, know them and make them known around the world.

The chef has been living in Hong Kong for 8 years now and in this environment, you have to constantly innovate to remain among the best. “To raise the level of African cuisine, we must seek to train our youth because Africa is full of potential”.

In ten years time, our chef Mutaro BALDE wishes to lead a nomadic life, to continuously discover international cuisines everywhere and to keep on learning.

Laurette Assa

Oodge, a Softconcept Africa publication

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