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Article from Kandanan Maimouna OUATTARA originally published on Linkedin on 09/12/2020. Translated in english by Francis BOUSS

To better equip herself and have a golden hand, Chef Prisca flies to France where she will learn her trade at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon.

Back in Ivory Coast with an endless brilliance in the kitchen, she does nothing but introduce beautiful flavors to her customers with seasonal ingredients. Today, in his 30s, Prisca Gilbert, a star of Ivorian gastronomy, is one of the most recognized, recommended and sought-after chefs in Côte d’Ivoire and in Abidjan in particular.

Professionally and as a Chef, I have been in the kitchen for almost six years.

Don’t we say that it is with old pots that we make the best sauces? And yes, our chef is moving into African cuisine thanks to his grandmother.

I started from a young age to cook and to cross the maze of markets to buy the most beautiful products with her. I chose the most beautiful profession in the world and I would quote Confucius: “choose a job that you love and you won’t have to work a single day of your life”. Indeed, I love my job and the satisfaction I derive from it inspires me in the creation and in the improvement of my work. I cook modern cuisine that preserves the authenticity of the land by favoring the use of local products. and seasonal.

After the creation of her restaurant ” LE MOSAÏC ” which was very successful very quickly, Prisca is currently chef de cuisine of the restaurant L’ELEPHANT D’OR Casino Barrière. For her, her customers are always satisfied because she ” tries as much as possible to offer customers a tasty culinary experience in the quality of the plates that I offer them and in the constant respect of their expectations”.

Fonio couscous, braised lamb shanks and Nandji sauce with small vegetables is a very popular dish from the north of the Ivory Coast and Nan-dji literally means in Malinké “water sauce”. We always take care to test before putting a dish on a card. Hence the constant work in the kitchen!

Chef Prisca Gilbert ends with these words: “You earn a good living in the kitchen in Africa. The profession is beginning to take its letters of nobility!”

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Interview with Kandanan Maimouna OUATTARA, translated in English by Francis BOUSS

For Oodge Guide, a Softconcept Africa publication

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