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Chef Ahamada BINALI, from Massiwani Caterer, is a chef with Comorian origin. He opened his Massiwani Traiteur structure in 2013. Defender of Comorian and African Gastronomy in general, Chef Ahamada Binali answers here our “Proust Questionnaire on Gastronomy”. An interview with Eric Kakou for Oodge.

What is your main character trait when you are cooking?

I’m focus. I like to be on the subject and the organization

What quality do you prefer in the cooks?

I don’t really have any preferences, but I like their willingness to learn because the learning never ends.

Your main culinary flaw?

I do not appreciate the lack of hygiene and discipline at all. These are things that I don’t like to see in the kitchen.

Your main culinary quality?

My favorite thing about me is the improvement I make in each product. You have to be continually surpassing yourself.

What do you like about your friends in the kitchen?

Like me, I love the simplicity of their dish, and the flavor they bring to the different dishes they cook.

What did you prefer to do in the kitchen?

I don’t really have any preferences or cooking style, but I rather like making savory dishes.

What is your dream of culinary bliss?

I don’t necessarily define myself as a cook. The kitchen is for me a tool to provide socio-economic solutions. I would ask more in what type of Establishment I would like to work! (laugh)

Other than yourself, what type of cook would you like to be?

I’m very happy to be myself. Otherwise, I have a lot of esteem for Philippe Etchebest, a French chef who is also one of the jurors of Top Chef France.

RizIn which country (for its cuisine) would you like to live?

I don’t have a specific country. I would like to go everywhere to learn different cultures and methodologies, in a word to learn a little of everything…

Your favorite ingredient?

My favorite ingredient is the rice.

Which vegetable do you like?

I like Aubergine, a rather specific product that is known to all but which has potential.

Which fruit do you like?

As fruit I would say, guava or soursop.

Your favorite dish?

I will give a dish from home (laughs): green plantain, pigeon peas in coconut milk, a pure delight.

TarteYour favorite starter?

For the starter, I would say donuts stuffed with tuna or shrimp: “Fish Ceviche” because it is technical; with a cooking method found especially in Africa or Latin America.

Your favorite dessert?

For dessert, I would say Tarte Tatin, a French dessert that can be adapted with local ingredients.

Your favorite alcohol?

(Laughs) No, I don’t drink alcohol.

Your culinary hero / heroine?

Like I said I don’t consider myself a cook then. I don’t really have any heroes but more aspirations …

Your culinary pride?

My culinary pride is passing on my knowledge: giving others the opportunity to experience what I have learned.

We would particularly like to thank Chef Binali for his availability and for everything he does to promote Afro-Caribbean cuisine. You can find it again on one of our Oodge webinars available on YouTube Here

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